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Green Door Dublin

oil on canvas 35x50

Nature's Furious balancing

oil on canvas 100x100

Dream Number 2

oil on canvas 100x100 (white background acrylic)

Me, Me, Me

oil on canvas 100x100

Reddish Waters

oil on canvas 100x100

Chaos in the Kingdom

oil on canvas 100x100 (light grey background acrylic)

Vintage Obsession 2

oil on canvas 100x100

Peace & Love

oil on canvas 70x50

A Long Way to Go

oil on canvas 80x60

Free to Fly High

oil on canvas 75x50


oil on canvas 35x50

Racing Away

oil on canvas 40x90

Flowers in a Vase

oil on canvas 50x70

A Morning in Foligno

oil on canvas 70x70

A Clockwork Orange

oil on canvas 100x100

Borgo La Croce

oil on canvas 100x100 (black and white parts acrylic)


oil on canvas 70x70


oil on canvas 100x100 (black and white parts acrylic)

Steppin' Out

oil on canvas 100x100


oil on canvas 100x100

Groovy Cyan

oil on canvas 70x70

SHIPPING COSTS (VAT, packaging and insurance included):


*Europe 1       107 euros (under 90 x 90cm), 128 euros (over 90 x 90cm)                       

**Europe 2     116 euros (under 90 x 90cm), 132 euros (over 90 x 90cm)

***USA            145 euros (under 90 x 90cm), 166 euros (over 90 x 90cm)

Asia                  176 euros (under 90 x 90cm), 206 euros (over 90 x 90cm) - China excluded

UK                    131 euros (under 90 x 90cm), 145 euros (over 90 x 90cm)

Hong Kong      182 euros (under 90 x 90cm), 216 euros (over 90 x 90cm)

Italy                   55  euros (under 90 x 90cm),   87 euros (over 90 x 90cm)

Norway and Switzerland (roughly between 128 euros and 148 euros)


* Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Ireland,

Luxembourg, Nederlands, Portugal, Spain, Monaco.

** Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic,

Slovak Republic,, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland.

*** Some States may require a 28 euros surcharge.


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